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Telegram channels will start getting ads next year

Nearly eight years when its initial launch and with nearly five hundred million users to its name, encrypted chat app wire notices itself at Associate in Nursing inflection point: it either must decriminalise its platform or find a customer. in a very post over on his wire channel, founder Pavel Durov says you won’t see the startup sell to an organization like Facebook, however beginning in 2021, the corporate can begin serving ads to hide a number of its prices.

But don’t worry, if you employ wire to message your friends and family, you won’t see ads begin showing in your conversations. Moreover, all of the options that you simply will presently use for free of charge can keep that manner. “We assume that displaying ads privately matched chats or cluster chats could be a dangerous plan,” same Durov. “Communication between individuals ought to be freed from advertising of any type.”

Where you may see ads area unit in Telegram’s public and typically problematic “one-to-many” channels. These are often straightforward to overlook if you solely use wire as a talk app. They’re generally travel by one person or organization and may have countless individual followers. They act a lot of sort of a Twitter feed than Associate in Nursing SMS spoken communication, and like Twitter, they’ll be obtaining the ad-serving treatment. Durov points out that some well-liked channels already show ads through third-party platforms to decriminalise their followers. “The ads they post appear as if regular messages, and area unit usually intrusive,” same Durov, and further that the Telegram’s incoming first-party ads can respect your privacy and not damage the app’s user expertise.

Additionally, the corporate plans to introduce numerous premium options geared toward its enterprise and power users. Durov didn’t give any details on what these could appear as if however same they’ll be got by those self same users.

It might seem to be Associate in Nursing trope for a startup that claims it’s targeted on privacy to recommend it will decriminalise its platform with ads whereas still protective its users’ knowledge, however some of firms have managed to try to to simply that. for example, privacy-focused browser Brave permits its users to prefer into pre-packaged ads, and rewards them for doing thus with tokens that they will exchange for real-world currency.

It appears wire plans to require an identical approach. “If wire starts earning cash, the community ought to conjointly profit,” says Durov. collectively example of such Associate in Nursing approach, he same the corporate may sell premium stickers, with the artists WHO created them obtaining a cut of the sales. Ultimately, he claims the company’s substantiation plans won’t amendment the wire expertise an excessive amount of. “Thanks to our current scale, we are going to be ready to be intimate in a very non-intrusive manner. Most users can hardly notice any amendment.”


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