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How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile

Discord set out as a talk service for gamers to remain connected with their teammates and eventually pivoted itself as a platform accommodating a large vary of communities that don’t seem to be simply gamers. If you’re an energetic Discord user, you may already recognize that the corporate ne’er extremely offered the choice to share your screen on mobile whereas it offered the practicality across its desktop versions. luckily, that has modified currently. Following a tryout run of screen sharing on mechanical man, Discord has finally additional mobile screen sharing on iOS and mechanical man. Today, we’re reaching to take a glance at however you’ll be able to use the feature on your smartphone.

Share Screen on Discord Mobile

We’ll be covering the tactic to start out or stop screen sharing, however you’ll be able to be a part of a session, supported platforms, and belongings you ought to detain mind whereas victimization the feature. be happy to use the table of contents below to navigate through these sections.

Start Screen Sharing on Discord Mobile
1. the primary step to start out a screen sharing session on Discord mobile is to initiate a voice or video decision. you’ll be able to do that in a very personal chat, group DM, or voice/video channels of a server. You’ll realize the button to start out a voice or video decision within the top-right corner of the app.

discord mobile screensharing setup
2. Once you’re in, you’ll see a brand new ‘Screen Share’ button within the decision interface. If you’re on a voice decision, you’ll be able to access the screen share button by swiping up from rock bottom portion of the page. For those on video calls, the choice to start out screen sharing is gift right within the bottom row of fast controls.

screen sharing button on voice decision vs video decision
Screen sharing button on voice decision (left) vs video decision (right)
3. As before long as you faucet on the screen share button, a prompt can seem urging you to substantiate if you would like to share your screen. Press ‘Start now’ to start out the screen-sharing session. If productive, you may see a page that reads ‘You’re sharing your screen!’. you’ll be able to then switch to alternative apps that you simply would really like to share along with your friends.

confirm screen share session
Stop Screen Sharing on Discord Mobile
1. once you’re through with screen sharing, you’ve got 3 choices to prevent the session. First up, you ought to switch back to the Discord app. From the screen share confirmation page, faucet on ‘Stop Sharing’. as an alternative, you’ll be able to press the ‘Stop Streaming’ button from rock bottom navigation to finish the session.

stop sharing screen

2. If you’re in a very hurry, you’ll be able to conjointly access the notification panel and faucet on the ‘Stop streaming’ button on the Discord app’s notification to terminate the session.

stop streaming from notification shade
Join a Discord Screen Sharing Session
1. currently that you simply acumen to start out and stop screen sharing, let’s take a glance at however you’ll be able to be a part of a friend’s screen share. As before long as a follower starts sharing their screen whereas you’re connected via voice/video, you’ll see a button titled ‘Watch Stream’. faucet on that to hitch.

watch screen share of friends discord
2. Notably, you’ll be able to switch between streams if multiple friends ar sharing their screens at constant time. to change streams, all you’ve got to try and do is faucet on the Watch Stream button on the second friend’s stream.

Supported Platforms and Apps
You can use Discord’s mobile screen sharing across mechanical man and iOS. The feature supports mechanical man phones running Lollipop (5.0) and on top of. additionally, audio sharing capability among a screen share session is supported on devices running mechanical man ten and on top of. whereas you’ll be able to use screen sharing on each mechanical man and iOS, the corporate doesn’t support the feature on iOS twelve at this moment. However, the great news is that the developers at Discord ar operating to feature support within the predictable future.

Precautions whereas victimization Discord Mobile Screen Share
When you’re screen sharing, keep in mind that viewers will examine something that’s visible on your phone’s screen. Hence, if you’ve got sensitive data lying around unprotected in your phone, particularly within the ikon gallery, you may need to cross verify before sharing. you’ll be able to use one among these apps to cover personal photos and videos.

To avoid additional load, the corporate recommends closing apps that ar presently not in use before sharing your screen. Moreover, you’ll be able to conjointly modify don’t Disturb mode to avoid obtaining notifications and unwanted interruptions whereas you’re within the middle of a session.

Frequently Asked queries

1. am i able to use Discord screen sharing on iPads?
No. You can’t use Discord’s screen sharing on iPads at this moment. However, Discord guarantees to support the feature on iPads in a very future unleash.

2. what’s the limit of synchronous viewers on Discord screen share?
Screen sharing streams on Discord presently support a complete of fifty viewers excluding the broadcaster.

3. however am i able to share screen via Discord on iPhones?
You can follow the steps within the ‘Start Screen Sharing on Discord Mobile’ section to induce started. However, do detain mind that iOS twelve isn’t supported immediately.

4. I’m not seeing the screen share button on Discord. What ought to I do?
If you’re not seeing the screen sharing button, certify you’ve updated the Discord app to the newest version on the market on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

5. am i able to watch Netflix with friends via Discord screen share?
Unfortunately, you can’t use Discord’s mobile screen sharing to look at Netflix along with your friends. you’ll be able to check up on our guide that includes apps to look at movies along with friends on-line.


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