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How to Disable New URL Copy and Paste Feature in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft recently revamped the method it handles internet URLs in Edge browser supported metal. With the modification, Microsoft Edge started pasting URLs as a hyperlinked title rather than plain text. whereas a hyperlinked title could serve higher in specific use cases, a major range of Edge users as well as Maine aren’t happy regarding it. Today, you’ll learn the way to revive the recent computer address pasting mechanism nervy.

Web browsers generally paste the whole internet address after you paste a computer address. Microsoft set to switch the computer address with the title of the page as link text. As a result, affixed URLs began to appear as if this:

If you think that this was a harmless modification, i urge to take issue. the main inconvenience I found with this approach was however it stone-broke embedding YouTube links. notwithstanding I ignore the practicality of this, the new behavior was forced upon Edge users with none warning or indication any. thanks to this sneaky beneath the hood modification, some users even suspected that third-party apps square measure inflicting this, that is in no way the case.

Now that you just savvy the modification affects users, here’s however you revisit to the recent methodology of pasting links. Firstly, open Edge browser, click on the horizontal 3 dots button within the top-right corner, and opt for ‘Settings’.

From Settings, head to the ‘Share, copy, and paste’ section. it’s the sixth section within the left sidebar. Here, you’ll realize 2 choices – Link and Plain text and therefore the possibility are set to Link by default.

As you may have guessed, Link possibility pastes URLs as hyperlinked titles and Plain text pastes them as an online address. All you have got to try to to is opt for ‘Plain text’ and restart the browser.

If you favor the new link pasting mechanism however wish the flexibleness to stick as URLs now and then, you have got 2 options: 1st up, copy the net address you wish and right-click within the paste destination. From the ‘Paste as’ possibility that seems currently, opt for ‘Link’. instead, you’ll be able to use the keyboard crosscut ‘Ctrl + Shift + V’ to stick the computer address as plain text.

So, that was our fast guide to assist you restore the recent computer address pasting mechanism nervy. It won’t be associate magnification if I say that I completely despised however Edge flipped the switch with none notification. allow us to understand your thoughts on this feature within the comments. Meanwhile, if you found this convenient, you may realize one thing fascinating in our coverage of the most effective Microsoft Edge flags.


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